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Church Bulletin & Prayer Requests

January Birthdays

2nd -Darrell McCelland 
6th - Colton Kent 
9th - Lori Mitchell
10th - Ricky Sellers and
Cherish Rogers
13th - Gibson Gellerman
14th - Joey Mitchell
15th - Carol Ward
20th - Dana Stephens
22nd - Rose Douglas (Meinzer)
25th Kathy Stewart
26th - Georgia Woolsey
27th - Andy Ward
28th - Kevin Mestas and
Dan Collins
30th - Adam Balsick
31st - Bobbie Gordon

January Anniversaries

6th - Luke & Cheyenna Billington

Prayer Requests

For our Pastor Rick and his wife Cheryl and their family

Chris Walton
For health issues

Dave Mestas
from Mono


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