Church Bulletin & Prayer Requests

November Birthdays
1st - Dave Mestas
2nd - Pat Carpenrter
3rd - Billie Hendrix
10th - Trinity Fulton
14th - Crystal Timm
18th - Donna Carpenter
22nd - Mary Wilcox
24th - Joe Harwig and Gunner Graham
28th - Kalea Roy 
30th - Meredith Mann

November Anniversaries

19th - Jess and Brenda Stephens

26th - Norm and Jo Harwig
27th - Byron and Meg Wall

Prayer Requests

For our Pastor Rick and his wife Cheryl and their family

For Ed and Tema Kovitz
in the loss of Bobby Kovitz to Cancer

For Ed Kovitz
Continued recovery from car accident

Chris Walton
For health issues

Craig Dertein
Battling pancreatic cancer