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Church Bulletin & Prayer Requests

Scott Bagley - 5th
Marla Mockerman - 5th 
Brandon Wycoff - 5th 
Byron Wall - 6th 
Harmony Graham - 6th
Jillian McChesney - 7th
Robert Graham - 8th 
Clint McKnight - 9th
Hunter Roy & Ori Kemp - 10th
Kaylie McKnight - 14th
Logan Glaser - 16th
Kira Lee - 17th
Inez Kemp - 19th
Raelynn Kent & Sylvia Mestas - 20th

July Anniversaries
Justin & Donna Carpenter - 5th
Ed & Tina Glaser - 6th
Claude & Lisa Brooks - 17th
Tim & Marla Mockerman - 19th

Prayer Requests
 Josh Lee
Lung cancer treatments. Please pray for healing!

Chelsea Davis (Brenda Stephen's Daughter)
Vision complications related to diabetes
Eric DesPres
Stroke - pray for complete healing
Christy Frazier 
Friend of Treyele's, Breast cancer

Friend of Pam Foster, losing eyesight. Please pray for answers!
Jessica Bushnell
Health concerns. Please pray for her

Casey West
Recovery from surgeries 
Mark Meyer's dad
Health issues 

Sheradyn Doremus 
Broken femur - pray for quick healing
Ron Fuch's​

Health issues and just feeling not up to par!
Dan Hartman 
Blood clots on lungs, he was in hospital for observation.

Shelly Schubmehl
Kidney stone surgery yesterday, please pray for quick recovery! 
Steve Robison
 Diabetic issues - Health


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